Activities, Sightseeing, Restaurants, and Shopping in Yokohama


Have they been impending and a comfortable season also in summer?

Yokohama of Tokyo to the popular spot near by which date & Plays.
During the summer vacation, the recommended Yokohama time-tested product spot will be introduced to shopping on any scenes on a date!!

Yokohama Tour around Minato Mirai

The circumference of Minato Mirai Station has many shopping malls, and many popular shops, such as “マークイズ Minato Mirai” including “Queen’s Square Yokohama” and a “landmark plaza”, have gathered.
Moreover, since it can go by walk feeling to red brick if you walk for a while, it is one of the charm around Yokohama Minato Mirai that it can turn around many things on foot.
First of all, it gets off from Yokohama Station in “Minato Mirai Line, Motomachi, and the Chinatown line” at “Minato Mirai Station” of station [ 2nd ].
In fact, this station is located in the underground of the building of “Queen’s Square Yokohama”, and has become a well from underground to the fourth floor.
Since the shopping mall and the station are linked directly, it is very convenient and access is good at that.
“Landmark Tower”, the “Queens square”, “Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall”, and “Yokohama Museum of Art” are in a next-door neighbor,
Since the passage is also improved finely, he can walk as connected altogether.
Moreover, as for a landmark plaza or the Queens square, it is also comfortable to be a well, and for the complete view of a building to look like a photograph, and to walk for a while.

Landmark Tower

Also by those who have not visited Yokohama, it has seen at once on television etc.
It is Landmark Tower.
It is the 2nd highest building in Japan as a skyscraper.
Seijo Ishii, Godiva, and a restaurant are contained in the first floor.
Moreover, it is connected also as an entrance to a hotel and Royal Park Hotel is contained in the upper story.
Although Royal Park Hotel is high rank, it is the optimal hotel for the Yokohama sightseeing, and location and its service are good.
Moreover, since eye merit from a guest room is also great, please stay and see.
From Landmark Tower, he can start and walk to マークイズ as long as 5 minutes.
Recommendation walks and goes from between Queens squares.
It is as such roadside trees, and even if a little cool day walks, it is comfortable.
Moreover, the object which is visible in the center is the work a “Minato Mirai 21 multiple-purpose open space monument モクモク frame frame Yokohama yoyo”, and an engraver called Toshiyuki Mogami designs it.
When going to play several persons, you use as a meeting place.

マークイズ Minato Mirai

This is also a popular shopping mall “マークイズ.”
Many fashion stores are also contained and a men’s item is also abundant.
Brooks Brothers, R.NREBOLD, UGC, a north face, ビームス, United Arrows, etc. enter.
Since the restaurant floor is also substantial, it is recommended also on lunch.
OrbiYokohama (オービィ Yokohama) of the Nature physical feeling museum on the fifth floor of マークイズ Minato Mirai is especially popular.
By the service which SEGA provides, the film of Nature is broadcast on the huge screen of 40 meters of large breadth numbers of times rather than the screen of a movie theater.
Although it is like a ground and National Geographic broadcasting the contents, sound, the fineness of an image, etc. are wonderful qualities.
Since a holiday is crowded, if it is a weekday, it should be able to come in smoothly.
I think that I can stay for about about 3 hours.
markis_orbi Orbi Yokohama (オービィ Yokohama)
Yokohama Museum of Art
Yokohama Museum of Art [ recommendation / a somewhat adult date ].
It is located before マークイズ.
A precious work 来館 from overseas, and exhibition is performed specially, and also the standing exhibition which changes the contents periodically is a recommendation.
Since especially access is good, a recommendation buys a ticket on the day and also enters.
By several visit, if it gets bored with an attraction etc., please experience.

Queen’s Square Yokohama

The Queens square has connected with Landmark Tower and the tower is divided into ABC and three.
Moreover, it is equipped fully with the parking lot which can store 1700 sets underground, and shopping can be enjoyed, without rainy weather also getting wet at all.
It is the feature that the shop exceeding 85 shops is located in a line, and some shopping can be done on the floor of a well.
Moreover, it has connected also with a shopping mall called アット!, and a meal is also ready.
If it escapes from the Queens square, he can enjoy himself, even if there is Minato Mirai Hall, there are a classic performance public performance, such as a weekend, etc. and it becomes what years old.
Although there was an opportunity which can listen to the performance of the Yomiuri orchestra before in this hole, the big pipe organ was embedded in the front of the hole, and it was a grand and beautiful hole.
If it is the couple and husband and wife who passed over his 30’s, it is also great to enjoy orchestra and shopping in Yokohama.

Pacifico Yokohama and an intercontinental hotel
Pacifico Yokohama is the greatest compound convention center in Japan, and is used in an academic lecture meeting, or an international meeting and an event.
Although it is not a tourist draw, next it ranks with Yokohama Royal Park Hotel, and is famous Yokohama. Ground There is an intercontinental hotel.
It is drawn, so that you may certainly say to the illustration of Yokohama, etc., and Minato Mirai is borne.
Since the location wonderful also as a hotel which stays for sightseeing can be enjoyed, it is a recommendation.

Yokohama Cosmo world
It is the popular Cosmo world at student ?20 cost.
One week of Ferris wheels for 15 minutes “Cosmo clock” are attractions popular also on a date 112.5 m in overall height.
Although it is otherwise smallish, there are a roller coaster etc. and he can enjoy himself noisily.
Since it is located in just beside [ of the Queens square ], it can wait without getting bored even if it goes to play a family.
Moreover, since a Ferris wheel is lit up night, atmosphere as Yokohama of night has come out well.
Since it can wish finely from near Starbucks of the Queens square, it is a recommendation.
From the Minato Mirai Station area, he walks and it is to a red brick warehouse.

Cup noodle museum

To red brick, he walks from the Queens square, and it is about 10 minute ?15 minute.
Since there are a cup noodle museum and Audi on the way, it is not got bored that it is unexpected.
Since it is necessary to call it circle Wolk and to cross using a footbridge, cautions are somewhat required.
It is a passage which is visible to the upper right of a photograph.
The complete view of a red brick warehouse can be overlooked from circle Wolk.
It may also be good to take a 1 or 2-sheet photograph simply here.
Left-hand side is a parking lot and the person with troublesome walking can also move by car.

Red Brick Warehouses
It is a historic edifice in the Yokohama harbor.
It was used as a bonded storage till 1989.
The neighborhood was improved as a red brick park in 2002, and it opened now as the present red brick which can enjoy shopping and a meal.
Do Grand Pier and a red brick warehouse “as a storage warehouse” feel history as a port town?
2013 — red brick — bookmaking — I think it fresh in memory that the event etc. were grandly held as a completion centennial of a mansion.
Overcrowded [ when it visited exactly / with the 20th anniversary of the Detective Conan series ] with the Conan exhibition.
Although the gorgeous passenger ship was at anchor in the large landing bridge, an incident arises at the party hall at night!
It seems that the small boy solved when the place without the news of sinking was seen.
From a red brick warehouse to a large landing bridge and Yamashita Park
Also from here, he walks and it moves.
Since a trouble person has a parking lot also in a large landing bridge, he is good to stop there.
When you walk, about 5 part is about ?10 minute.
It is nearer than a point degree!
It is a name of the way and Yamashita seaside line promenade of opening of a port.
Although a winter season is cold by the wind from the sea, it is a comfortable route even if it passes by walk, if it is in April ? October.

Large landing bridge
It is called the American wharf and used as as a name “big pier” till around 1970.
A terminal like an airfield is in a bridge and it has become the extensive layout.
Moreover, the floor is a wood deck or the optimal also as sightseeing, such as a window of glazing.
If it comes out to the roof, it is extensive, has become like a park and can command a whole view from the sea side to Minato Mirai.
Vestiges of those days can also be felt while walking from Yamashita Park, a customhouse being, and a retro atmosphere of Yokohama can also be enjoyed.
It escapes from here to Yamashita Park.

Yamashita Park
It is a popular date spot!
Since it is only lovey-dovey couples night, it can say going by men as it is wiser to cut down.
The vessel etc. which are at anchor to the bridge and the sea of an along the bay line appear, and it can spend romantic time.
Moreover, since it is near also from Motomachi, the route which goes to Chinatown previously and approaches Coco at night is also good.
The route to Motomachi (Chinatown) is such touch!
A pedestrian crossing will be crossed to the right on the way, and it will be Chinatown if it goes straight on.

Chinatown is such touch!
The name as [ various ] a store etc. is attached as Kantei-byo as the 菜香 market as [ 華街 Hong Kong ] the market passage.
He can enjoy himself, while becoming a missing child, since it is crowded with stores crowdedly for every passage.
Let’s take care so that it may not be given, since it will be hard to refuse if given, although a “chestnut” can be carried forward on the way.
Although there is a popular store where a line is, since it is not necessarily certainly delicious, it is good to prepare.
By individual comment, I feel that there is a tendency for the place which is not touting to be more delicious than the store which is touting.
Otherwise, a buffet = quality is low. Since it means saying, it can say that it is wiser to avoid a buffet to eat full-scale and delicious Chinese food.
It had a meal in the place the “Taiwan cuisine green leaves” found by chance this time.
In seasoning similar to the Chinese medicinal food rice porridge eaten in Taipei in Taiwan, the Chinese medicinal food ramen noodles eaten here were clever ramen noodles very gentle to.
moreover it is fresh, a shrimp also comes out tenderly and chewily and eye five and seafood have a feeling of volume, it is that whose body of the large drop of a short-necked clam became tight, and the impression which is selected carefully firmly and offered is received about the material of seafood.
Moreover, it asked for small 籠包, and it came out lightly and this was also delicious small 籠包.
Since I think that there is liking about a store, please look for your favorite Chinese restaurant of the!

From Chinatown to an outlet mall

After playing in Chinatown, it went to the popular outlet mall.
Since an outlet is a somewhat distant place which takes about 30 minutes, if it plays only in Minato Mirai, it will be a recommendation which is played over one day even in Chinatown.

I would like to also guide the way to shopping in an outlet mall in passing this time.
Since he walked to Chinatown, it returns to Minato Mirai Station, or Motomachi and the Chinatown station, and there is also a route of going by JR to Yokohama.
A change is inconvenient and a change is needed no less than 3 times to an outlet.
Then, he walks from Chinatown and it goes to “JR Ishikawacho Station” for about 15 minutes.
Once it changes at here the body and Shinsugita Station, it can go to near the outlet as it is.
if it says by allocation of time — during [ ? ] the morning — even about 1:00 p.m. should eat “the circumference of Minato Mirai Station”, and a lunch in Chinatown, and must be good around 3:00 to be in Ishikawacho Station.
It can take to get there from there to an outlet about 30 minutes.

If it comes to this Shinsugita Station, next, it will go to “鳥浜駅” by a seaside line.
From here, it sticks to an outlet mall in about 5 minutes on foot.
yokohama outlet02
It is the charm of the Mitsui outlet park Yokohama bayside to be located in most the neighborhood and the seashore from Yokohama!
White serves as the keynote by the design in which all rows of houses also imagined Merlene.
Many popular shops, such as United Arrows and ビームス, are contained.
Moreover, the feeling of it being, and the ship at anchor of the seashore and a board taking a walk, and being equivalent to a marine wind is also good.
By saying, it is introduction of the Yokohama sightseeing! It was introduction on the 1st which the tour around a Minato Mirai ? Chinatown ? outlet can play fully.
If there is a budget, he stays at Yokohama Royal Park Hotel or an intercontinental hotel, and a somewhat graceful dinner something is also a recommendation!
Since there are also many places which play and Yokohama can enjoy them variously, it is a recommendation truly!
Red brick etc. are the best also for a date in an atmosphere different again night.

Please investigate many things under those circumstances and make it the pleasant travel to Yokohama.