Where to Find Good Fashion in Tokyo

A recommended men’s fashion brand and five shops [ high sensitivity / a trend ] are absolutely introduced to you.District UNITED ARROWS

alphacityguides.comDistrict UNITED ARROWS district United Arrows is a concept shop which United Arrows which is a select shop representing Japan develops.
It is a rare store where only one store in Shibuya exists even if it sees the Japan whole country at present.
Moreover, the original label which the District UNITED ARROWS district United Arrows develops, and a “District district” are brand lines located in a tip also in United Arrows.
Creativity and crafts Manship are treating what can be made from a theme just because an item which orients future United Arrows, the item which challenged the quality limit, etc. are small number.
It is a check required if the joke men’s fashion brand and shop are looked for by such a reason in Shibuya or Harajuku.
Probably, there is no hand of skipping District UNITED ARROWS district United Arrows, after being able to call at a shop which a fan passes along from a distance, or he orders by telephone and is bought.
Incidentally as a select shop, the item of brands, such as MONCLER, jus MB, Jipijapa, and サイ, is dealt with.
District UNITED ARROWS district United Arrows
alphacityguides.com alphacityguides.com
5-17-9, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0001 2F Phone. 03-5464-2715
Business hours: 12:00?20:00 (weekday) / 11:00?20:00 (Saturdays-and-Sundays congratulation)
JR: It is on foot about 10 minutes from the exit of Harajuku Station Omotesando.
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, a newly-emerging-city-center line: It is on foot 5 minutes from the Meijijinguu-mae Station No. 5 exit (Meiji go side).


The select shop which occupies one floor of a department store along with BEAMS ビームス or UNITED ARROWS United Arrows well is a TOMORROWLAND tomorrow land.
It becomes a head office of the TOMORROWLAND tomorrow land that it is in Shibuya (the upper photograph is not a head office but a jazz dream Nagashima store).
A TOMORROWLAND tomorrow land has many items which were excellent in the avant-garde at design nature, and the price belt has had in stock many high parts and very individual items rather than BEAMS ビームス or UNITED ARROWS United Arrows.
It is a TOMORROWLAND tomorrow land positively that it is recommended at the person who likes the item which attached the unpredictability of the modern x trad.
Otherwise, import is abundant in the jackets of Italy Mr.Rick Tailor, etc.
Especially the Shibuya head office of a tomorrow land also recently remodels, and is very a joke.
Products offered also have some which only a head office has and are astonished.
In others, since brands which do not not much have handling, such as DELVAUX, EDITIONS DE PARFUMS FREDERIC MALLE, GOLDENGOOSE DELUXE BRAND, and MARIEBELLE NEW YORK, are also treated, it is a check required.
TOMORROWLAND tomorrow land Shibuya head office
16-23-1, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5774-1711
Business hours 11:30 – 21:00

BEAMS ビームス Harajuku

http://www.beams.co.jpIt is BEAMS ビームス to be raised to the first in a roll, although many individuality ある select shops are located in http://www.beams.co.jp http://www.beams.co.jp Japan.
It is a select shop brand mainly popular to college student -20 generation, and the pop and catchy item centering on アメカジ is its favorite.
While United Arrows United Arrows, SHIPS SIPS, etc. are the brands centering on fashions, such as miscellaneous goods in connection with dress or dress, BEAMS ビームス lives a whole life a joke and is developing as an axis the proposal of a life style which is made rich.
BEAMS ビームス is a brand which proposes some new life styles in addition to a fashion.
The Harajuku store of such BEAMS ビームス is a flagship shop of men’s casuals.
Until it is proud of a leading scale, it starts in a casual jacket and outer and it results in the selection of various shirt and casual and user-friendly shoes even in Japan.
They are abundant products offered which do not lose a specialty store in which at all.
The flagship shop of many fashion brands and head offices have gathered in Shibuya or Harajuku.
The Harajuku store of this ビームス attracts attention also in it.
BEAMS ビームス Harajuku
http://www.beams.co.jp/shops/detail/beams-harajuku http://www.beams.co.jp 3-24-7, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1F.2F
TEL 03-3470-3947
Business-hours 11:00?20:00 fixed holiday Non-regular holiday



United Arrows which became an existence which becomes independent of BEAMS ビームス which is a major company select shop in Japan, and now accomplishes two greatest authorities.
Such United Arrows has a head office in Harajuku, and it is developing the shop which calls it a men’s hall and specializes only in men’s dress.
United Arrows — a little — キレイ — the target layers main by a casual and popular brand are to his twenties – his 30’s a little more highly than ビームス.
Although it is the original products of the select shop which is worsened in many cases, United Arrows is doing the lineup of the reliable item, and is popular.
Does it adhere to Shape or a feeling of a material, and is established reputation among the items which pulled out an original charm which dress has?
Especially the mainline of United Arrows also has many things adhering to made in Japan, and sees many items for which the merit of structure is conspicuous.
Moreover, in the Harajuku head office men’s hall, the abundance of import which is not in other stores is also charm.
The item of a rare brand which is generally called designer’s brand is stocked, and how to enjoy original as a select shop could also fully be done.
It cannot but go to the head office of United Arrows which is one of the most popular select shops in Japan, and Harajuku by such a reason, and cannot but check!

United Arrows Harajuku head office men’s hall
Place 3-28-1, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone 03-3479-8180
Business hours Weekday 12:00?20:00 Saturday, Sunday, and congratulation 11:00?20:00

Paul Smith Shibuya store

http://www.paulsmith.co.jp/Paul Smith is a fashion brand from Britain which is proud of greatest popularity in Japan.
The vivid multistripe which are an item of rich individuality on the theme of a classic with a twist and an icon of Paul Smith is popular, and many people are yearning after his twenties – his 30’s mainly.
The item to treat is very various until it results in the tailored jacket which starts on the knowledge cultivated with the British trad, and the suit in which tradition breathes, and has avant-garde Shape, the shirt with which Paul Smith-likeness is conspicuous, a blouson, jeans, and a T-shirt.
The Paul Smith Shibuya store is a flagship shop of such Paul Smith.
The scale is overwhelming despite the time-tested appearance of a store in character with the road surface store of Paul Smith of developing casual wear on the first floor, and developing a suit and accessories on the second floor.
No one but [ the flagship shop is also treating / no one but / the antique miscellaneous goods something which Paul Smith has collected for years / Shibuya store ].
Moreover, the coordination of the elegant interior which made the keynote white with the Shibuya store truly appropriate for [ white ] Britain and tea is also a joke.

Paul Smith Paul Smith Shibuya store
http: [ http://www.paulsmith.co.jp / ]//www.paulsmith.co.jp / 6-18-13, Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5466-1950
11:00 – business-hours 20:00

EDIFICE TOKYO edifice Tokyo

www.mapple.netAn EDIFICE edifice is a select shop treating an item with quality suitable for an adult wearing as a concept the brand which can spend special time from from, and simple joke さ, when having chosen dress in the store.
the word “EDIFICE” — “– although the important building ” is shown in a meaning of some kind, is the concept of an edifice of “feeling happiness since it has chosen” felt also for this name?
Moreover, an EDIFICE edifice is the select shop based on the French trad to the new thing.
Although various select shops are located in Japan, I think that the brand on the theme of a French trad is fairly new.
While BEAMS ビームス, United Arrows United Arrows, etc. have stocked broadly from the cheap thing to the high thing, An EDIFICE edifice is closer to the mainline of SHIPS SIPS than the two select shops, and many have a prejudice in cloth or structure.
EDIFICE TOKYO edifice Tokyo is a store which is proud of a leading scale also in a metropolitan area.
What has the item of a casual outdoor system to various tailored jackets using Italy cloth is stocked with sufficient balance.
If you like a joke, I would like to be a little minor brand, if compared with other select shops, but to check very much.

Telephone number 03-3400-2931
11:30 to business-hours 21:00
How was it??
Joke men’s fashion brands and shops around Shibuya and Harajuku were collected this time.
Since there are also many brands which can be visited only there, and shops treating a rare item, please check!