Traffic Jams in Japan


About Japanese Trafic Jams


A way is congested during the summer vacation every year.
If weekends, such as – Sunday, come especially on Saturday, the impression whose car of a highway increases is at a stretch.
Truly, although GW has little 50 km etc. and long confusion like, it is still crowded with the metropolitan area or the center of Tokyo.
This time, the method of passing comfortably in such traffic congestion is introduced.
The item which passes traffic congestion comfortably


A drink (coffee, tea, juice, etc.) eats and they are thing cooler boxes (supper, sweets, etc.).
Blanket (blanket) library DVD/CD (a magazine, a novel, comics, etc.)
Mobile battery (charger) pre-moistened wipe
Portable toilet

Although this is a time-tested product most, it is good for the longed live to prepare without fail.
When coming out in the morning, the hot coffee brewed and built to the tumbler of Starbucks, etc. is packed, or it is good to prepare hot tea etc.
When there is a child, it is good to prepare juice, a carbonic acid, etc.
It eats and is a thing.
When you are also unexpectedly, it be elaborate that it can pass comfortably.
For example, things which can be eaten noisily all together, such as sandwiches, a rice ball and a lunch box, are good.
Let’s make it the thing which he can eat single hand to a driver and can be concentrated also on operation.
Eating some during operation concentrates on a front car for 5 hours or more, although it is not so good, and since speed also has much later speed of 0 km ? about 3 km which walks, if it is at such times, it can also be eaten.
The child sitting on the backseat can pass comfortably in a game or smart phone one hand, if there is snack confectionery of variously.
Moreover, since it is troubled very much even if called “belly へった?” by in the car [ congested ], let’s prepare beforehand.

Cooler box

When it is, very secure one is this cooler box.
Although outdoor may be sufficient and it is used, in the car [ congested ] demonstrates real value.
For example, if PET bottle green tea, such as no-alcohol beer (the KIRIN freelancer, all-free, etc.), iced coffee, and Italian 右衛門, etc. are made with the frozen coolant, a cold drink can be enjoyed in the state of Kyn Kyn.
This is an item I want you to prepare by all means also for motivation maintenance of the driver which is tiring.
If the wet hand towel is otherwise put into a thin plastic bag and it puts into the box together, also when you get tired with completion of the steamed towel of Kyn Kyn by operation or it has become sleepy, a driver can be passed comfortably.
Please wipe a hand, or wipe a face, or since it is variously convenient, prepare.


If there is this, a fellow passenger can have a nap, or a child can sleep soundly in a backseat.
Since it may say that an air conditioner is effective, and gets cold and feeling can operate a driver comfortably, if the fellow passenger has a blanket, an air-conditioner will be made into a lower setup in comfort.
Moreover, since you can 快眠 also when you sleep in a passenger seat, please prepare a wide blanket by thick.
loading others with a blanket for children — also saying — it is — it is .
If a back seat is pushed down and a blanket is pulled, the child who became sleepy will go to sleep freely.
A library, a novel, and a magazine
It is a convenient item, when a fellow passenger is free and it is.
It may be good to bring, if something is in a house since it is hard to get drunk even if it is reading the novel especially at when [ in the car which he follows slowly, and when not moving at all ].
If there are a magazine, comics, etc., it may be helpful to kill time [ of the traffic congestion which continues for many hours ] for a while.


Goods for a favorite’s traffic congestion just in this! Also unexpectedly only by passing a movie, prolonged traffic congestion also becomes somehow.
The movie which especially the driver has seen once is good.
Since it is dangerous with front carelessness if impressed by the first work to see
It is good to pass the movie which he has seen repeatedly in the car.
Since he remembers the scenario perfectly especially if it is a favorite movie
It should be able to concentrate also on operation, enjoying the conversation of a sound or a movie.
It is also good to checkmate a DVD player so that a child may not get bored with others, or to put a movie and anime into iPod and iPad.
If it is music, it is the music seldom listened to usually, and it is good to also bring many CDs which do not appear in a car.
Since various music can be challenged, without getting bored, also in traffic congestion, a few should become Massey.
Also bringing favorite CD otherwise and also carrying out karaoke and whereabouts.

Mobile battery

What tends to be overlooked also unexpectedly is a mobile battery.
It is OK when a cigar socket in the car is USB charge correspondence.
If it cannot charge in the car, we will recommend you a mobile battery.
If there is this, a fellow passenger and a child can use many things, netsurfing by a smart phone for a long time, or charging a game machine machine.
Since it becomes uneasy if a mobile phone is turned off, let’s have without forgetting, if it is.
Pre-moistened wipe
If there is a cooler box & ice steamed towel like the point, a pre-moistened wipe is unnecessary, but supposing you do not stack, please prepare this pre-moistened wipe.
Also when eating some in the car, it is convenient, and since it can use also for a driver wiping a hand or pressuring upwards a handle, it is convenient.
If a thick thing and a cool type feel it refreshed, since a face is wiped and it is also taking a change of air, it will be recommended.

Portable toilet

If it is an adult, it can finish and place firmly before traffic congestion in a service area, but when a child is, since there is no telling how and when become, it may be good to prepare and place firmly beforehand for insurance.
It is safe in having loaded an one-piece vehicle as another whether it actually uses.
Conversation under traffic congestion
It is conversation while important one is congested.
The person sitting in the passenger seat had better not interfere in operation or judgment of a driver.
It may become a cause of a quarrel, if it enters and ?” etc. will be said now [ “- as for which that one is vacant!” “].
Since a trouble does not occur, the direction which he is taking it easy affable rather should pass it willfully, seeing traffic congestion by a long eye.
In the case of this editorial department, when traffic congestion is suited by car, conversation of work is considered as ず ーー っ.
mutual — if there is a theme about which something can speak eagerly, it is also good to talk rapidly and to propose an idea.
Moreover, if possible, since atmosphere will also come out and it will be hard to get tired if music DVD etc. are poured, it is recommended.
It may be good to rent by ツヤタ etc. in advance.
Please pass crowded traffic congestion by the reason for saying as comfortably as possible.