Ford フォードGT の10周年記念ムービーが公開


ライフスタイルを豊かにするニュースを紹介するコーナー。今年で発表から10周年を迎えるフォードの名車 Ford GTのセレブリティムービーが製作&公開されています!







今回はそんなフォードGTが10周年を迎えるということでCrank and Pistonという会社が、オリジナルで製作した動画を公開。フォードGTの強烈な加速とその美しいフォルムをとらえたクリエイティブな映像が、世界中のエンスージアの心を動かしています。


Ford is a bit too busy with the next-gen Mustang, which turns 50 next week, to do it themselves.






Reflecting on the Ford GT on its 10-year anniversary

Ford GT

Ten years ago, during the bright-eyed enthusiasm of the early 2000s and before the collective automotive industry did its best Titanic impression, we had the Ford GT. An everyman’s supercar like there’d never been (remember, this was before 638-horsepower Corvettes were a thing), the GT arrived with a supercharged, 5.4-liter V8 that produced 550 horsepower and graced this retro-styled rocket with an easy, sub-four-second sprint to 60 miles per hour.

Equal to the GT’s performance were its looks. Inspired by the GT40 racers that dominated Le Mans and bested Ferrari in the 1960s, the sleek, low, almost-reptilian look of the GT was the absolute pinnacle of the retro styling that so defined the early 2000s.

Crank and Piston put together a video celebrating the ten-year-old GT, arguing that Ford is a bit too busy with the next-gen Mustang, which turns 50 next week, to do it themselves. In the short clip, there is gratuitous engine noise and supercharger whine, not to mention scenes of the white-on-red GT prowling the deserts and streets of Dubai. It’s a bit short, but very nicely shot. Scroll down, have a look and be sure to turn up those speakers before getting started.